Biography: Amadeus David Tao – Entrepreneur & Artist

Amadeus Tao was born in 1968 in the city of  Trier, West-Germany as the oldest son of the Chinese medical doctor, David Tao and his German mother Mathilde Sieckmann who has been a piano player and singer for most of her life. Both parents, being classical music lovers, named their oldest son accordingly.  This should tell much about his later life ambitions as a music producer.

As a baby he would listen to his mother’s “Kleine Nachtmusik” from Mozart, playing mostly classical songs on the piano accompanied by his father’s amateur violine skills. With the age of 8 he took piano lessons for 3 years but then seized his studies when starting to attend boarding school at the age of 11.

With 12 years of age he wrote his first cover verses at the boarding school of Mike Kruegers German hit “Sie muessen erst den Nippel durch die Lasche ziehen”. He changed the lyrics into R-rated lyrics that were funny but that also almost got him suspended from this catholic school.
The family had moved to Wickede/Ruhr (central western part of Germany) where he nearby attended the public “Franz-Stock-Gymnasium in Arnsberg.”

At age 16 he decided to participate in an exchange program to the US and lived for one year in Alton ,IL and Mission Viejo, CA and graduated from CAPO Valley High in 1986. He went back to Germany and further attended the public “Gymnasium” until graduation in 1988. During this time he worked on weekends as a light jockey at local Discotheques. In the same year he went off to Taiwan to study the Chinese language in Taichung at Fenghia University but soon found himself studying with locals and working as a DJ in Taichung’s most famous discotheque, named “Telstar” at the time.  He attracted huge crowds as a foreign English speaking DJ and made Telstar a national famous cult at that time.

There, he discovered his passion for music production and started experimenting with sound effects.  In combination with his lighting knowledge he created ambiences that were new to Taiwan’s young crowd at that time and literally started a craze. In 1990 he studied business management in Germany for a while and also interned with trading companies in Germany and Taiwan.

In 1993 he established his first own trading business in Taiwan and published his first 192 pages fact book in 1995 called “The international elite” and sold 10.000 copies in Taiwan and to the people’s republic of China in the same year. In 1997 he developed a concept for a TV show in Taiwan named “Racing Pigeons around the World” that he hosted for 3 ½ years with HEC (High Energy Channel) Taiwan and that reached more than 3 million viewers island wide.  The show was so popular that it was broadcasted on Saturday and Sundays during prime time and even repeated for a whole year after A. Tao leaving the Channel.

From 1997-2001 Amadeus produced 164 TV shows that were recorded in Europe and broadcasted in Taiwan. From 1997 till present he organized more than 30 international auctions in Taiwan.

In 2004 Amadeus went back to school to study film making at the NYFA in Burbank, CA.  He produced the short film “American Standards” that was honored at the short film festival in Tuscon Arizona in 2005.

Upon completion he went back to Taiwan and continued his business until Nov. 2008. That year he released another 421 pages fact book named “ Lords of the Sky” in Taiwan and China which became a bestseller.  In the same year he felt that it was time for him to go back to school again to study music production and music engineering at Mira Costa College-Oceanside, CA but soon switched into a more intensive 1 year course at VS (Video Symphony) – Pro Tools Audio engineering from where he officially graduated in June 2010.

Shortly before graduation he went back to Europe with a camera team to start gathering footage for his 90 minute documentary “Lords of the Sky.” Not being satisfied with the knowledge he gained in respect to music production and composing and film making during his studies,  Amadeus started collaborating with different artists, engineers and music/film producers, and developed his own curriculum and style.

From May 2010 till October 2010 he challenged himself to be a composer, song writer and music producer and produced his first CD of 10 songs at the “hidden studio” in Hollywood, owned and operated by Mike Geyer.

Among his works are several dance singles, a (Rock me Amadeus cover), a chinese new year’s song and a birthday song that he wrote for his mother. The scale of different genres reflect his versatility, taste and talent as a song  writer, composer and producer.

In 2010 he further studied Final Cut Pro at VS and finalized the  production of a documentary about an upcoming Chinese painter with the title “Zen Tse Kun, the first environmental painter in China”. (Producer, director of photography and script by:  Amadeus Tao)

In Nov. 2010 Amadeus continued filming in Taiwan to complete his documentary “Lords of the Sky”. A trailer can be viewed under:

This documentary is to give inside and understanding about the most mysterious sport in the world, that is the undisputed No.1 in Taiwan. This film will tell a story that never has been revealed to outsiders of this sport. Finalization and release are scheduled for Oct/Nov. 2011