Idea Tank

Welcome to Idea Tank !

This page gives clients the chance to collaborate with us.  You can send your lyric ideas or song ideas to us.  Or reference songs by name that you like to be yours like. You can also upload from us, while we are in the stage of creating your song and collaborate this way to make the song the way you vision it.

We can tailor the right song or lyrics for you. Any genre is welcome ! English, German or Chinese, we have access to the right artists. Rock, Pop, Dance, Hip Hop, Classic.  We work with singers from all genres You tell us about the length, feel and idea and we’ll compose it !
Be it for a movie or for a cooperate song. For a jingle or just a personalized birthday or greeting message.  This is what we do !

For references listen to some of our musical compositions or watch one of our documentaries and listen to its audio and music. For pricing and conditions please contact us at with your specific inquiry.


Jingle for Corporate Client: Noodles Everyday

Click to Play Noodles Everyday